2. chronicdelight:


    The Selfie Hand Shake

    I’m making this a thing

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  3. unpopuler:

    eating healthy sounds like a great idea until you start to miss your favorite junk foods

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  4. thehappyfatgirl:

    Make sense? Good! Now it’s time to change the way you think!! Be positive and love your body!! It doesn’t matter what type, shape, or size, your body is beautiful!!

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  5. shardwick:

    Go after what you want now because living with regret sucks ass. You have a fear that you might fail or get rejected? Who cares? It’s temporary. You’re going to miss out on a lot of things in your life if you decide not to do them because you fear that you may end up failing.

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  7. essenaoneill:

    ⚡️ @seekthetruth

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  11. Need to get back to this frame of mind.

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  13. True, but I should also eat less. Cuz I STAY eating!

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  15. powerist:

    If you don’t love yourself, you’ll always be chasing people who don’t love you.

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